“The most important things for providing sophisticated service are qualified and highly motivated employees as well as a cooperative relationship with customers that is based on trust.” says Anton Burger, founder and owner of ABP PATENT NETWORK AG.


After a 13-year career in the legal & patent department of Plasser & Theurer railway construction machinery, the engineer Anton Burger founded ABP in Austria in 1979. Starting in 1995, Anton Burger also worked for ABP in Switzerland as a Swiss patent attorney.

ABP PATENT NETWORK AG was founded in Switzerland in early 2013 as a subsidiary of ABP PATENT NETWORK GmbH in Austria, in addition to the office in Hong Kong. It has always been and still is the vision of Anton Burger to offer all IP services to industrial enterprises, in order to enable them to secure and strengthen their position on the international market.

ABP Patent Network AG protect your ideas

This includes a focus on companies that do not have their own patent divison. Anton Burger and his team advise and support customers from the idea through implementation all the way to obtaining property rights. The activities include management and maintaining patents, trademarks, and designs, and in particular also the global enforcement of property rights with a focus on Europe, the US, China, South Korea, and Russia.

Anton Burger supports clients with extensive knowledge of development, and with his expertise in the design of license agreements is a specialist in the area of industrial property rights. The assistance of competent cooperation partners provides Anton Burger with a global network and makes ABP PATENT NETWORK AG an international service provider in the area of industrial property rights.

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